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  • Steadfast Support – Haiku

    Steadfast Support – Haiku

    “Hey honey, what’s your plan today?”Second-guessing, in life’s ballet,Hard days ahead, in life’s array,Challenges mount, in disarray,But fear not, I’m here to stay,Right by your side, come what may,In every step, every fray.

  • Beacon of Hope – Haiku

    Beacon of Hope – Haiku

    You’ll be the light, in coldness swirled, Extra love, in your veins, pearled, To those down, in emptiness hurled, Feeling void, in life’s unfurled, Abundant love, in heart twirled, So much to give, let it be unfurled, Spread it wide, let warmth be curled.

  • Circle of Love – Haiku

    Circle of Love – Haiku

    Love to all, my heart’s decree, To my people, love’s key, Giving freely, love’s spree, In life’s end, what we see, Love taken, can’t outweigh, agree, It’s the love made, vast as sea, So give love, let it be free.

  • Whispering winds – Haiku

    Whispering winds – Haiku

    Soft winds blow, towards you they flowGiddy steps, as I approach, aglowSeasons shift, our bond they sowThis moment, happiness in towLet’s wander long, time’s gentle rowWith you, each step, love’s showIn emptiness, together we grow.

  • Journey’s Whisper – Haiku

    Journey’s Whisper – Haiku

    Tailwinds howl, a piercing screamSilence shattered, like a dreamFearless steps, in life’s streamGolden flowers, in my arms gleamPromise held, in their beamOur reunion, a future themeI’ll see you again, as stars deem.

  • Resilient Radiance – Haiku

    Resilient Radiance – Haiku

    Sun’s glow, can’t escape its mightLife’s grip, holding on too tightAshes to ashes, the eternal riteDust to dust, out of sightAt times, giving up feels rightYet deep within, a fiery fightI won’t surrender, I’ll reignite!

  • Timeless Dance: Love’s Enduring Symphony – Haiku

    Timeless Dance: Love’s Enduring Symphony – Haiku

    Fifteen years, affection’s rise,Growth each moment, under skies,Unique, cherished, beyond ties,Years enrich us as time flies,Heat nurtures, our paradise, Strength in unity, love’s prize, Endless bond forever lies.

  • Solitary Echoes – Haiku

    Solitary Echoes – Haiku

    Simple life, my heart’s outcryLove traded, indifference nighHolding on, emotions run dryCalloused soul, no tears left to crySeeking warmth, yet the cold won’t shyIn this vast world, just a lone skyPerhaps that’s why, alone I lie.

  • Distant Yearning – Haiku

    Distant Yearning – Haiku

    To be with you, my heart’s true viewEven distance, a hurdle we’ll undoSomeday soon, in embrace anewClosing gaps, as feelings brewSooner we start, dreams to pursueTogether close, in a world for twoIn love’s embrace, forever true.

  • Restless Reflections: The Battle Within

    Restless Reflections: The Battle Within

    In the dark, awake, I fight, Mind untamed, thoughts take flight,Slings and arrows, pierce the night,Wounds within, out of sight,Life’s path, filled with blight,Acceptance hard, in this plight,Yet hope remains, a distant light.